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Rated 4.2 from 5 based on 806 rated reviews

, September 30, 2014 @ 1:18 pm We decided to use this company as an offer was available in the Telegraph Newspaper. We thought that as it was being advertised by the Telegraph (A trusted UK news company) that the rental company would be reasonable. The quote was not the cheapest I had found but with the discount had made it comparable. The car was not the same as I had been quoted for (as is apparently usual when renting) and the company that we were renting from in Thessaloniki turned out to be a sister company of Europrent called 'Dirent'. I was obviously a little apprehensive as I had not hired abroad before, however the representative met us at the airport as arranged and took us to their Downtown office in Thessaloniki. The car that they gave us was actually of a higher specification and larger than what I had asked for which turned out to be excellent for Greek roads. I had asked for something slightly higher specification than the smallest - thinking that I would be given something lower specification instead. I had booked a Ford Focus (or similar) and they lent me an Opel Vectra which was bigger! The car had been well used and had a lot of wear and tear which the representative made notes of before handing over the keys (I guessed this was better - and I was slightly less worried than if the car had been pristeen - although I did worry a little initially). I took a lot of pictures and I had taken my cousin (who is Greek) with me just in case. They spoke excellent english and were very friendly, helpful and polite. The car was reasonably well maintained and gave us no trouble (we drove for many Km around Halkidiki) before handing the car back - I made sure to wash it as it had become quite dusty. When I returned the car - I gave the keys back, the fuel level was checked (return as you find it), the car was checked over for any damage and everything was fine! A very good experience - I hope to be able to use Dirent again :)
4/5 stars
comfort,Family,Great Value,holiday,recommend,service,tourist

, September 18, 2014 @ 5:57 am Polite all the way helpful to the extreme and easy to book.....can't say fairer than that
5/5 stars

, September 16, 2014 @ 10:19 am I was very pleased with the service I received. The car was lovely. When we arrived at the airport the man was waiting and everything went very smoothly. Would definitely use again and have recommended to a friend already.
5/5 stars
Family,Great Value,recommend