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, May 27, 2016 @ 10:53 pm The rental office is a mini bus drive away from Palma airport. Ok car hire operate a ticket system to join the que, which is not particularly clear so customers were arriving and missing their slot because the pay didn't get a ticket. There were perhaps 30 people milling around the office and outside the office waiting their turn with insufficient seating many sat in the floor. It took around 1.5-2hrs to get our car. A lot of customers were arguing about the insurance policy of holding money on a credit card and not accepting debit cards. All in all it took ages, we disputed the insurance charge also and were told our only option was to cancel or pay; this is after waiting 1.5 hrs in the heat with my 6 month old and obviously after travelling from the UK, with no other car rental nearby it would be a bus back to the airport, (no option at all so you just have to pay again if you don't have a cc on you). I would never use them again and would only use big brands next time lie Hertz/ Eurocar etc. Lots of customers were complaining at the desk which added to the wait time.
1/5 stars
holiday,On Airport

, May 27, 2016 @ 8:08 pm Letter to Budget on return from our break :
Dear Sir or Madam,
I have used Budget many times in the past and I have had good service.
On 15.05.16 I collected a Seat Mii from Knock international airport. I was asked

a) Would I like to pay in Sterling or Euro, I asked which was best and I was told “I have no Idea” so I said I would pay in Sterling.
b) I was asked if I would like to return the car full or empty of fuel, I answered Empty and I was told I would be refunded for any fuel left in the tank.

I was charged at the Airport 90.75 for fuel.

During the rental I had to refill the vehicle at a cost of 40.00 Euro @ 1.30 a litre.
On my return I did some research and found the Seat Mii has a 35L tank ! and would cost 45.50 to fill @ 1.30 a litre.
I understand there may be a ‘service’ charge and petrol goes ‘up and down’ in price but to be charged double to say the least is ‘daylight robbery’.

I queried it at the Budget desk on my return and I was told to drive the car to the nearest petrol station and ‘fill up’ and then I would get my 90.75 back can you imagine going back for the vehicle
Driving to a garage (I had no Idea where It was) filling up and returning in time to catch my flight?

I would be pleased if you will look into this complaint for me,

Mr. Robin Smith

Budget reply :
The fuel charge is a standard fee for the category you received. Fuel tanks in this category vary in size therefore the set rate for this category is €90.75.

That's 2.59 a litre when the average cost of a litre was 1.30 !
Almost double the cost. Now that's 'rip off' !
1/5 stars
On Airport,service

, May 27, 2016 @ 2:28 pm The service was quick and easy at Dollar and there was no hard sell. However, we questioned why the booking receipt said "optional prepaid fuel accepted". The clerk said this was taxes as these weren't prepaid which we were a bit confused about. Looking at it in hindsight it was the fuel, which we didn't want as we weren't going that far and returned the car with a quarter tank. We were a bit annoyed at this and will be taking it up. The vehicle and returns process was all fine.
3/5 stars
On Airport