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Rated 4.2 from 5 based on 873 rated reviews

, October 30, 2014 @ 5:58 pm Booked a 4 dr Dodge Charger to move hotels halfway throughout our stay and the Dodge supposedly could accommodate 3 large and 3 small suitcases, in addition to 5 adults. However, upon collection, we recived a Toyota Camry, and were told that there were no Chargres available at this location. Were also told that the Camry's boot/trunk would easily accommodate three large suitcaces plus 2-3 other smaller cases or bags. The four of us, 2 adults and two children, did indeed fit in no problem, however it was quite a struggle with the suitcases. Three of the cases measured 80 x 57 x 33cm, the fourth one was a bit smaller. In the end we only managed 2 cases in the boot (plus 3 small/standard backpacks and room to spare), with 2 of the suitcases propped up on the rear seat. This caused huge inconvenience to us and the children accupying the rear seats, and though we did eventually managed to move hotels in one go, we will think twice before booking with Dollar again. In a similar situation last year Budget, who had run out of mid-sized cars (what we had booked and expected), gave us a 4 x 4 Nissan Frontier - at no extra cost!
No other issues apart from the small boot space, staff were really pleasant, just remember to collect/request receipt upon returning the car showing nil charges (if applicable).
2/5 stars

, October 30, 2014 @ 5:36 pm When we arrived at Lisbon we expected to meet a man with a car key BUT no one was there. On checking our documentation the company had put our arrival time at 10pm not the actual 1115pm so our man had been and gone. We phoned the car hire office and got a Portuguese answerphone message. Laura left a message and we sat back to wait and hope. Being a Sunday we wondered if anyone would notice but after about 15 minutes a lad turned up with the key and the papers to sign and we were very soon on our way. The car performed flawlessly and the drop off at the end of the week went smoothly. On reflection it may have been our mistake with the arrival time at Lisbon, misinforming the phone operative when booking. In any case it might be an idea to supply a mobile number as well as the office number for those folk arriving on Sunday so they can definitely make contact with a car hire firm operative rather than just an answerphone.
4/5 stars
Great Value,recommend

, October 30, 2014 @ 4:27 pm Helpfulll staff. easy paperwork. Nice little car. Will definitely use Autos Aguirre again.
5/5 stars